Scalp psoriasis

An inflammatory and chronic dermatosis , psoriasis affects both men and women and develops in flare-ups interspersed with periods of calm or remission . Psoriasis skin lesions can be located on the face , scalp , friction areas (elbows, forearms, knees) or hands . Although this pathology is not dangerous, it often has a significant psychological and social impact.

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Psoriasis cuir chevelu : causes et traitements | Cabinet chirurgie esthétique | Skin Marceau | Paris

What is scalp psoriasis?

Scalp psoriasis represents one of the possible localizations of psoriasis. In fact, about 50-80% of people who suffer from psoriasis also develop scalp psoriasis.

This dermatosis is characterized by the appearance of red patches on the scalp. These are often accompanied by large dandruff as well as thick white scales on the forehead, neck, scalp or behind the ears .

Symptoms of scalp psoriasis

These lesions cause itching that can lead to bleeding . Faced with a severe form of psoriasis, scarring hair loss may occur. Patients with scalp psoriasis often suffer from severe itching with an irrepressible urge to scratch their hair. It is essential to resist it because the lesions are likely to become infected.

What causes scalp psoriasis?

The whitish scales found in psoriasis correspond to an accumulation of dead skin that follows excessive skin renewal. An immune disorder would be at the origin of an overproduction of keratinocytes and their accumulation at the level of the surface of the skin (this is hyperkeratosis ).

If the causes of psoriasis are still imperfectly known, the genetic predisposition as well as certain factors such as stress, emotional shocks, infections, taking medications such as lithium and beta-blockers seem to play a role in the onset and aggravation. dermatosis.

Not being of infectious origin, psoriasis is not contagious .

Diagnosis of scalp psoriasis

The diagnosis is clinical. In very rare cases of diagnostic doubt, a skin biopsy may be indicated.

The solutions offered against scalp psoriasis at Skin Marceau

There is currently no treatment that can permanently get rid of psoriasis . The objective is to control the disease as well as possible in order to live better on a daily basis. This involves relieving itching , a symptom that is often intense and difficult to live with, as well as controlling keratinocyte proliferation.

Scalp psoriasis: drug treatment

Different treatments can be considered. In first intention, the drugs to be preferred are anti-inflammatory ointments based on cortisone (dermocorticoids) or vitamin D. These topical treatments are applied to the scalp. Topical corticosteroid-based shampoos and lotions are available and help reduce skin inflammation. Ointments containing vitamin D aim to decrease the multiplication of keratinocytes .

Some products based on salicylic acid allow desquamation of the superficial epidermal layer.

Two types of phototherapy can be offered: UVA phototherapy in the cabin combined with photo-sensitizing treatment (this is puvatherapy ) or UVB phototherapy. Three sessions are generally necessary and are carried out under dermatological control.

Other oral treatments can be considered in the case of failure of other therapies.

Depending on the specifics of your case, your dermatologist at Skin Marceau will determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Lifestyle in the management of scalp psoriasis

Your dermatologist in Paris is able to give you advice on how to manage this chronic dermatosis and reduce its recurrences. During psoriasis outbreaks , certain habits such as hair dye or certain treatments should be avoided, at the risk of burning yourself. It is important to favor products that are as natural and gentle as possible. Over time, recognizing the factors involved in triggering flare-ups makes it possible to adopt an effective preventive attitude.