Facial mesotherapy: for fresh and rejuvenated skin

Aesthetic medicine treatment, facial mesotherapy is a gentle treatment that aims to improve skin quality by injecting an infusion of active ingredients. This treatment finds its place perfectly in association with anti-wrinkle injections as well as injections of hyaluronic acid .

Skin Marceau dermatologists perform this facial treatment in Paris .

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What is mesotherapy?

Facial mesotherapy is also called mesolift. This is an aesthetic medicine treatment whose objective is to rejuvenate the skin through the injection of targeted active ingredients. This mixture of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid , vitamins , antioxidants and minerals is injected directly into the dermis , using micro-injections using very fine needles.

Who is facial mesotherapy for?

Mesotherapy is a treatment that can be considered for preventive or curative purposes. As a preventive measure, mesotherapy aims to combat and slow down skin aging . By filling the dermis with active ingredients that stimulate and relaunch the production of collagen and elastin, mesotherapy will strengthen the tone and elasticity of the skin . Mesolift is therefore not just for mature skin .

Repeated mesotherapy sessions will gradually improve the quality of the skin. Curative mesotherapy addresses different issues:

  • Tired skin that you want to rejuvenate and revitalize.
  • dull and dull complexion that could use a boost.
  • Slight wrinkles and fine lines that appear and that you want to fade.
  • Dry skin you want to nourish, rehydrate and plump.

In addition, the association of mesolift with other aesthetic medicine treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections can enhance the results.

But still, within the framework of a treatment by mesotherapy and in order to obtain more durable results, the injection of skinboosters is possible. Composed of a non-crosslinked, low-volume and fluid hyaluronic acid, a skinbooster deeply hydrates the skin without modifying its volume.

How does a mesotherapy facial treatment take place at Skin Marceau?

During your first consultation, we examine your skin and determine your needs together . We advise you on the most appropriate aesthetic medicine solutions for your skin. For example:

  • If you want to reduce more or less marked wrinkles and fine lines, it would be preferable to opt for injections of hyaluronic acid which would effectively fill in the loss of volume.
  • If acne scars are the cause of a deep complex, the solution would be to consider a laser treatment that is able to smooth your skin texture .

Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes, we will be able to direct you to the treatment that suits you.

The mesotherapy sessions take place in our Clinic in Paris and last a few minutes (about fifteen minutes). During your face mesotherapy session , it is customary to apply an anesthetic cream to the skin (about thirty minutes before the treatment) in order to minimize the pain felt and to optimize your comfort.

A number of injections ( multipuncture ) will then be performed using a suitable needle and inserted into the skin at an angle 1-4mm deep. This technique ensures a uniform distribution of the injected products for satisfactory results. Everyone’s sensitivity is different, although the use of numbing cream and a very fine needle can reduce the pain, some areas may be more sensitive than others and the treatment may be unpleasant for you. some patients. Some redness may then appear at the injection points but disappear quickly.

What are the results of facial mesotherapy?

If the skin is visibly radiant from the first session, the effects are appreciable over the sessions: we recommend 3 to 6 mesotherapy sessions to obtain optimal results.

The effects of skinboosters last longer than a mesolift: in fact, the hyaluronic acid used is more stable and is therefore absorbed less quickly.

Mesolift and Skinboosters both represent maintenance treatments .

Combined with other aesthetic medicine treatments, they can enhance the results

Facial mesotherapy: what are the prices at Skin Marceau?

Prices are available in the table below:

Mesotherapy 200 €
Skinbooster (2 vials) 300 €