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Within Skin Marceau in Paris , dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons work together. A wide range of solutions is offered to you and allows you to meet your different needs.

Together, we put our skills at the service of your skin to provide it with the most suitable treatment. We have a range of treatments and high-definition devices, effective against the signs of aging , to remedy a skin condition or correct unsightly defects.

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Skin aging

With age, our skin gradually loses its physiological components. Proteins, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are slower to regenerate. Skin tissue begins to lack support and firmness. The skin is thinner and folds settle there.

Needs according to age

Admittedly, skin problems are more frequent with age, but aesthetic treatments can be used much younger to repair an imperfection, relieve a complex and as a preventive measure to delay the signs of time.

If injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin can rejuvenate the face, there is no age to be affected by a skin condition. Scars, varicose veins, rosacea, stretch marks, warts are not symptoms of aging skin and may affect juvenile patients.

Skin Marceau’s vision

At Skin Marceau , we move forward with the intimate conviction that your skin must be maintained and that there is an unlimited possibility of solutions capable of responding to each skin problem.

We carry out all of our treatments with safe products and innovative treatments. The use of safe and reliable tools such as the laser guarantees lasting results.

Among the solutions offered at Skin Marceau

Laser scar treatment

Our skin specialists chose the Deka SmartXide CO2 laser to treat scars . It significantly improves the appearance of scars, including the most dreaded ones, and durably smooths the skin.

Treatment of moles

Benign moles considered unsightly or causing functional problems, such as irritation or bleeding can be removed with the CO2 laser .

The removal of moles in dermatological surgery is indicated in case of risk of skin cancer. Our dermatologists perform local anesthesia and using a scalpel, they remove the suspicious lesion .

Laser hair removal treatment

Permanent laser hair removal is a common medical procedure that destroys the hair bulb and follicle , preventing any hair regrowth. At Skin Marceau, we are equipped with innovative devices to treat all types of hair , for both female and male patients.

Laser dark spot treatment

We have opted for the use of the Picosure laser or the Icon 1540 laser to correct brown spots , a sign of a high concentration of melanin . The energetic power released by these devices breaks up the stain pigments which are naturally eliminated by the body.