Dermatological surgery

Different diseases can affect the skin and require specialized care. Dermatological surgery is aimed at both benign skin lesions and skin cancers .

Many skin pathologies can remain asymptomatic for a long time, hence the importance of prevention and early detection .

At the Skin Marceau clinic, our dermatologists receive you for an initial appointment during which a skin diagnosis is carried out. This first step makes it possible to determine the action to be taken.

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What is dermatological surgery?

Skin surgery can concern the face as well as different areas of the body and involves medical and surgical treatment. At Skin Marceau, our dermatologists work closely with our plastic surgeons .

Performed most often under local anesthesia , dermatological surgery may be indicated in the case of benign skin lesions ( moles , lipomas or cysts) , or skin cancers (melanoma or carcinoma ).

Dermatological surgery can also be requested for the correction of keloid scars .

What skin conditions are treated at Skin Marceau?

Various acts of dermatological surgery are provided at Clinique Skin Marceau.

Dermatological surgery consultation

The skin is an organ particularly exposed to external aggressions. Beyond the aesthetic impact (variable depending on the affected area), some lesions may progress to skin tumors .

Making an appointment with a dermatologist can have a preventive purpose in the context of a dermatological check-up . Before the appearance of skin lesions, it is recommended to quickly consult your dermatologist.


Melanoma is formed from melanocytes , cells that produce melanin. Any unusual skin manifestation, modification of a mole, lesion that does not heal should indicate a rapid consultation. In regular increase for a few years, the melanoma affects on average the subjects in their fifties. Like any skin tumor , individuals at risk are more likely to be affected and early diagnosis greatly alters the prognosis. Hence the importance of regular monitoring. Self-examination (based on the ABCDE criteria) is also of great importance and should be reminded to patients. A complete clinical examination carried out by your dermatologist at Clinique Skin Marceau (rigorous inspection, palpation, dermoscopy ) helps guide the diagnosis.

Surgical excision of a visible lesion is required, followed by pathological examination.


This is the most frequently found type of skin cancer. Carcinomas arise from the superficial layer of the epidermis . A distinction is made between basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. While basal cell carcinoma is by far the most common, this type is generally not aggressive. Squamous cell carcinoma, on the other hand, can give distant metastases . Carcinomas appear in areas exposed to the sun, such as the face, arms or décolleté.

Carcinomas are most often found in subjects at risk . Hence the importance of looking for precancerous lesions (actinic keratosis).


Small brown or brown spots , moles or nevi can be unsightly when they are in large numbers or located in areas exposed to the sun ( face , arms, back or legs). Caused by hyperpigmentation , moles can progress to skin cancer, hence the importance of regular self-examination and medical evaluation in the face of any change in the appearance of a mole .

The treatment of moles is based, among other things, on the CO2 laser which allows ablation without scars. The C02 laser is a solution of choice when the initial indication is of a purely aesthetic nature .

The use of surgery may be necessary when the mole is suspicious or following a change in its size, shape or color.

It is also possible to have several moles removed during the same consultation. It is possible that some treatments are done during this first consultation, like the removal of moles by CO2 laser.


A frequent and benign subcutaneous tumour , the lipoma is secondary to a proliferation of fatty cells. This ” fat ball ” can affect patients of any age and most often occurs in the forearms , neck, torso or legs.

When several lipomas affect the same person, it is called lipomatosis , a pathology of a hereditary nature.

The diagnosis of a lipoma is simple: a clinical examination finds a well-defined subcutaneous mass, mobile on palpation and of moderate size and generally less than 6 cm. Soft in consistency, a lipoma is likely to be painful depending on certain locations or situations. In the vast majority of cases, lipomas do not progress to malignant lesions .


skin cyst is a subcutaneous pocket most often filled with fluid, the size of which varies. Generally benign, skin cysts can develop in different areas of the body. Depending on their size and their location, they can be the cause of aesthetic discomfort and motivate a dermatology consultation .

A skin cyst can become infected and become swollen, warm to the touch and painful. Surgical excision is one of the possible treatments for a skin cyst: the complete removal of the cyst is performed under local anesthesia.


Different types of scars can be found. Keloid scars are the result of an abnormality during the healing process . They are often unsightly ( hypertrophic appearance with significant relief) and sometimes cause irritation or itching .

While the CO2 laser is a possible solution for fading keloid scars, the treatment may require revision surgery . For example, an enlarged keloid scar with a very unsightly and/or irregular appearance may be an indication for revision surgery.

Prices for dermatological surgeries at Skin Marceau

A diagnosis is established during the first dermatological surgery consultation. Depending on the treatment decided, the prices of the different techniques differ.

Treatment prices can be viewed here .