Chest laser hair removal

Increasingly in demand in aesthetic medicine, laser hair removal from the chest has a large number of advantages and can be requested for different reasons.

At Skin Marceau in Paris , we perform permanent torso hair removal using the Lutronic Clarity II laser, the latest innovation that allows us to treat all skin tones and types .

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Why resort to laser hair removal of chest hair in men?

Excessive chest hair can be restrictive from a purely aesthetic point of view. Today, the beauty of the torso is sought after by male patients who consider the abundant presence of hair on the chest to be unsightly.

Hygiene concerns can also motivate chest hair removal . Chest hair promotes excessive sweating and causes daily discomfort.

Practical reasons can motivate athletes to adopt chest hair removal. For example, swimmers and cyclists most often adopt permanent hair removal.

With the shaving of the chest , the hair grows back coarse and is the cause of itching. Waxing is particularly painful at this level and cannot be a long-term solution. In addition, repetitive waxing of chest hair will tend to irritate the skin with the appearance of redness and pimples, or even ingrown hairs . The presence of tattoos on the chest is a contraindication to laser hair removal in this area, as the pigments may be altered by the laser beam.

Laser hair removal is therefore the ideal solution to permanently obtain a smooth chest, in complete safety.

What you need to know before a chest laser hair removal session

The torso is one of the laser hair removal areas most often requested by our male patients . Before the start of your sessions, an initial consultation with a team dermatologist will examine you and check your eligibility for laser hair removal.

If your skin is tanned, you have to wait to find your usual complexion. The laser beam will target the melanin, which is present in a significant way on the surface of tanned skin, hence an increased risk of burning. Artificial tanning booths and exposure to the sun are therefore prohibited before your session. Any skin condition or lesion on the torso must be taken care of beforehand and therefore delays the start of your laser hair removal.

Any type of hairiness is eligible for effective laser treatment. The day before your session, you must shave your chest and not wax it or use an epilator.

Chest hair is thick and gains in density with age, hence the difficulty of completely eliminating it at the end of the sessions. Therefore, we recommend that our patients schedule annual booster sessions. Before the age of 40, chest hair is not yet stable and a greater number of sessions will be required.

The course of a permanent laser hair removal session on the chest at Skin Marceau

Following the elimination of possible contraindications to laser hair removal, it is possible to begin your protocol. This depends on your age, your type of hairiness but also on the type of laser hair removal on the chest that you want:

  • Full chest hair removal: it is usual to count between 7 to 10 sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart. The goal of this treatment is to remove all chest hair .
  • partial hair removal of the torso aims to reduce the importance of hair growth by programming 4 to 5 sessions. This is a “ brightening of the torso ”.

The duration of a hair removal session for the chest is usually 15 to 30 minutes, and the wearing of protective glasses is necessary throughout. Once your dermatologist has made the adjustments suited to your needs, a handpiece will scan the area to be waxed. It is possible that slight redness appears, but this testifies to the effectiveness of the thermolysis of the hairs and they disappear in a few hours.

For dull to dark skin , we mobilize the Nd Yag laser whose depth of wavelengths allows optimal efficiency. The Alexandrite laser will be used for fair skin .

Is chest laser hair removal painful?

Sensitivity to pain varies from patient to patient. If some will find laser hair removal painful, others will find it more unpleasant than painful (often compared to the prick of a needle , a tingling or even the snapping of a rubber band on the skin ). We always suggest the application of an anesthetic cream before the sessions.

The flow of cold air delivered by the device and the application of a suitable cream immediately after the session will quickly relieve the feeling of heat felt.

The aftermath after a chest laser hair removal session

After a session of laser hair removal for the chest , we recommend the application of a moisturizer. During the week following the session, saunas, hammams and other sources of heat are prohibited. Daily photoprotection with a high index sunscreen is essential.

Swimming pool attendance should be avoided for a few days, invasive aesthetic treatments should also be delayed.

The results of permanent chest laser hair removal

Over the course of the sessions, the destroyed hairs gradually fall out and their regrowth is finer and slower. If at least 90% of the shaved hairs disappear permanently, the particular nature of the hairs on the thorax requires the programming of booster sessions. Depending on your age and your response to treatment, your dermatologist will be able to suggest a suitable protocol.

Prices for chest laser hair removal at Skin Marceau

The price of laser hair removal on the chest are available in the table below:

Chest packages
TORSO 80 €