Aesthetic Medicine

Wanting to correct or modify certain parts of the face and/or body is no longer taboo. If certain defects require the use of surgery, a very large number of indications can be taken care of by medical procedures.

It is during an initial consultation at Skin Marceau in Paris that our dermatologists identify your needs and determine with you the solutions that best meet them.

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Médecine esthétique : les solutions | Cabinet chirurgie esthétique | Clinique Skin Marceau | Paris

What is aesthetic medicine?

Aesthetic medicine offers a set of non-invasive solutions which do not involve surgery and which can concern the face as much as the body. Different techniques such as injections , laser, ultrasound or even light can be used.

What are the indications for aesthetic medicine?

The indications of aesthetic medicine are today more and more broad. Anyone who does not wish to have cosmetic surgery also turns to aesthetic medicine.

These medical acts often address the consequences of skin aging but also take care of minor constitutional imperfections.

What are the results in aesthetic medicine?

Carried out by doctors who are experts in their field, aesthetic medicine procedures offer natural and rapid results, with generally mild consequences. In the vast majority of cases, no downtime is necessary and the results are otherwise temporary. Maintenance protocols are to be determined.

All acts of aesthetic medicine practiced at Clinique Skin Marceau

Our dermatologists perform various acts of aesthetic medicine.

Hyaluronic acid

We perform injections of hyaluronic acid in different areas . Depending on your needs and your request, it is possible to fill in the loss of volume in the oval of the face and dark circles, plump up lips that are too thin or even correct certain moderate imperfections of the nose .


We use botulinum toxin injections in order to respond to various indications: raise the tail of the eyebrow which sags with sagging skin, reduce expression lines in the upper third of the face (frown lines , crow’s feet wrinkles as well as forehead wrinkles), or to remedy excessive perspiration ( hyperhidrosis ).

Medical blepharoplasty

An alternative to eyelid surgery , medical blepharoplasty is for droopy eyelids. An initial consultation is necessary to confirm your eligibility for blepharoplasty without surgery.

Face rejuvenation

CO2 laser facial rejuvenation aims to reduce the signs of skin aging through strong collagen remodeling stimulation.

Depending on the desired therapeutic intensity, the skin resurfacing protocol varies. The face, neck and décolleté can benefit from laser skin resurfacing.

PRP hair

An effective and long-lasting solution to hair loss , the injection of PRP or platelet-rich plasma boosts hair growth as well as improving the quality and thickness of hair.


Mesotherapy makes it possible to hydrate the skin in depth, and this thanks to the injection of a cleverly dosed mixture of hyaluronic acid associated with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Skin texture is plumped and the face regains its radiance.

Laser tattoo removal

It is now possible to remove a tattoo that you regret thanks to laser treatment. Depending on the size of the tattoo, its color and the tattooed area, a tattoo removal protocol will be offered to you.

Laser hair removal

To feel better about yourself and get rid of hair permanently, laser hair removal is an ideal solution. Different areas of the body are eligible for laser hair removal.