Stretch marks

Stretch marks are no longer inevitable. These skin marks, which take the form of streaks , concern in the vast majority of cases our female patients .
In aesthetic medicine , the desire to reduce stretch marks is a very frequently encountered reason for consultation .

Different types of stretch marks exist and we take the time to provide you with all the necessary information during your first consultation at Clinique Skin Marceau . Laser treatment now makes it possible to treat the different types of stretch marks.

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What is a stretch mark?

In the skin, collagen and elastin fibers provide skin resistance and elasticity.

During certain situations and with age, the elasticity threshold of the skin can be exceeded. When this happens, these fibers will break and tear . Skin lesions will then appear on the surface of the skin: these are stretch marks.

Taking the form of bands or fine streaks, red or white , stretch marks most often complex patients who consider them unsightly.

If stretch marks can appear in any area of ​​the body , the stomach, hips , thighs and buttocks are those that are most often affected.

What causes stretch marks to appear?

Any situation during which the fibers are subjected to significant and too rapid mechanical tension will cause the appearance of stretch marks:

  • Sudden rapid growth during puberty
  • Pregnancy , particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimester when the stretching of the skin is intense
  • Significant weight variations; sudden weight gain or loss
  • The practice of very regular and high level sport increases the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone which is produced by the adrenal glands.
  • Taking topical corticosteroid medications : the long-term application of corticosteroid creams, used to treat dermatoses, can promote stretch marks.
  • Endocrine pathologies such as Cushing’s disease : certain types of stretch marks require a specialist consultation. In this case, the stretch marks are wide, vertical and red and they sit on the abdomen, arms or breasts. This situation follows an excessive secretion of cortisol.
  • Marfan syndrome: this is a hereditary pathology where chromosome 15 is affected. This syndrome causes a connective tissue disorder and mainly affects the bones and joints, but also the heart and vessels. Chromosome 15 is responsible for proper development and growth.
  • Fair and fine skin are more susceptible to the appearance of stretch marks

What are the different types of stretch marks?

It is useful to distinguish the different types of stretch marks since this data determines the type of laser indicated.

  • Red stretch marks or stria rubae: said to be immature, their red color is secondary to inflammation of the skin. They will gradually change color and become white if not treated in time. Different therapies can be effective on stretch marks at this stage. To treat red stretch marks, we recommend the use of suitable topical creams.
  • White stretch marks or striae alba: say mature, they have completed their growth and are older. In this case, the stretch marks are pearly white in color. The lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser treatment is indicated to reduce these stretch marks.

What solutions are offered to correct stretch marks at Clinique Marceau?

The prevention of stretch marks is essential: the regular hydration of the skin and the use of softening oils are gestures to be favored on a daily basis.

Once they are installed, the treatment depends on the chronicity of the stretch marks.

When they are still red, stretch marks respond better to treatment than when they are white. At Skin Marceau, and to treat stretch marks , we use the lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser, a device that emits fractional laser pulses and allows treatment of all skin phototypes .

What are the results of stretch mark treatments?

The protocol is determined during your initial consultation , depending on the initial indication. If the number of sessions also varies according to the area treated, the results are clearly noticeable from the start and are optimal over the sessions.

The thermal effect caused will strongly stimulate the production of collagen and thus skin rejuvenation. Skin remodeled, smoothed.

enlever vergetures laser avant après traitement vergetures laser avant après
Stretch marks 1

Patient who consulted for stretch marks on the abdomen following pregnancy. She underwent fractional CO2 laser treatment. The after photo shows the results obtained 3 months after a single session.

laser vergetures blanches avant apres laser vergetures avant apres
Stretch marks 2

Patient who consulted for stretch marks on the abdomen following pregnancy. She underwent fractional CO2 laser treatment. The after photo shows the results obtained 4 months after a single session.