Back laser hair removal

The beard, chest and back are the areas most often affected by permanent hair removal in men.

An alternative to conventional depilatory methods, laser hair removal represents a practical, permanent and economical long-term solution.

All hair densities and hair types can benefit from the benefits of laser hair removal .

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Why get rid of back hair permanently?

You should know that the hairs of the upper back differ from those of the lower back. At the level of the upper back ( shoulders and neck ), the hairs are pigmented and thick, thus responding optimally to laser fire. At the level of the lower back, the hairiness is finer.

These hair particularities must be studied in order to configure the machine in an appropriate way. An excessive power of the laser shot at the level of fine hairs will make permanent hair removal fail , but will also cause the acceleration of regrowth. This is why we insist on the fact that laser hair removal is a medical act and that it is worth being vigilant.

Laser hair removal on the back can be motivated by different reasons:

  • Aesthetic reasons: A large number of men desire to have a hairless back and consider back hair to be unsightly. When the hairiness of the back is excessive , it can be the cause of complexes as soon as the back is exposed. At the neck and shoulders, the skin is thin and sensitive and repeated shaving will quickly cause irritation.
  • Practical reasons: laser hair removal is the only solution that can get rid of hair permanently . No more time-consuming hair removal, the time saving is undeniable.
  • Hygiene reasons: a lot of hair is likely to cause excessive sweating , resulting in unpleasant body odor and sweat stains on clothing.
  • For athletes , hair removal can facilitate activity: swimming for example.

Precautions to take before the back laser hair removal session

As with any laser hair removal , certain contraindications to laser treatment must be sought out and eliminated by our assistant before the start of the sessions:

  • If you have recently been exposed to the sun, you must specify this at the interview. Your tanned skin must regain its usual complexion before benefiting from laser hair removal. The operation of the laser targets the melanin, hence a risk of burning on tanned skin. Artificial tanning booths are to be avoided as much as exposure to the sun.
  • Any infection or skin lesion in the area to be treated must be taken care of before laser hair removal.
  • Before your sessions, do not wax or tweeze, but shave the area to be treated. We ask that you shave the area the day before each laser hair removal session
  • All your medical history must be communicated to us. If you are taking photosensitizing medications , these may contraindicate laser hair removal.

Laser back hair removal sessions at Skin Marceau

After your first meeting with our assistant, your dermatologist determines the parameters of the machine according to the characteristics of your hairiness. Depending on individual sensitivity, some patients may find the laser shot painful. We always apply an anesthetic cream beforehand.

The back laser hair removal session lasts approximately 45 minutes. It takes between 7 to 9 back laser hair removal sessions to achieve a beardless back . Indeed, laser hair removal is only effective on hair in the growth phase, that is to say in the anagen phase. On the back, the majority of hairs are in the resting (or telogen) phase, hence the need to space out the sessions to obtain successful back hair removal .

In addition, the number of sessions required may vary depending on the type of hair: thickness of the hair, density of hair in the area to be depilated as well as the pigmentation of the hair and skin.

The results of laser hair removal on the back

Applying a moisturizer will relieve any heat sensation.

Over the course of the sessions, the hairs grow back finer and thinner until they disappear completely.

At Skin Marceau, we work with the Lutronic Clarity II laser , the latest innovation in laser hair removal. We treat all skin tones and all skin types safely.

Laser hair removal back

Male patient presenting for removal of hair from his back. The hair was removed with the Alexandrite laser. The after photo is 1 month after his sixth treatment session.

Price of back laser hair removal at Skin Marceau

You can view the prices for back laser hair removal at Skin Marceau in the table below:


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