Lipoma dermatological surgery

Dermatological lipoma surgery is a common procedure in dermatology. A benign fatty tumor , the lipoma can cause aesthetic or physical discomfort. If they are only exceptionally dangerous, it remains important to monitor any possible modification of a lipoma.

Dermatological surgery can permanently get rid of a lipoma. This is the only possible treatment to remove a lipoma .

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Lipome : causes et traitements | Boule de graisse sous la peau | Clinique Skin Marceau | Paris

What is a lipoma?

Lipomas are benign tumors that develop in subcutaneous fatty tissue and are made up of adipocyte clusters. This local proliferation of fat can be superficial, deep or located inside the muscle. While they can be located in any part of the body, lipomas are more common in the neck , back , limbs and forehead .

The etiology of lipomas remains unknown, although genetic predisposition seems to play a role in their appearance. Similarly, the spontaneous disappearance of lipomas remains unknown. In some individuals, lipomatosis can be observed: it is a rare family form characterized by the appearance of several lipomas in the body.

Clinically, a lipoma manifests as a ball of fat under the skin , its consistency is soft and it is mobile under the skin. This skin condition can affect all ages.

It is necessary to distinguish a fatty tumor from a cyst which contains sebum and not adipocytes. Indeed, a cyst also takes the form of a mobile ball under the skin, but its consistency is hard and it is likely to become infected or even cause an abscess.

Why have lipoma surgery?

The transformation of a lipoma into cancer is exceptional. Faced with the suspicion of a liposarcoma, an imaging examination as well as a biopsy will be necessary before referral to specific care. The monitoring of any lipoma remains in order:

  • A sudden increase in size: a lipoma is usually less than 5cm.
  • The lipoma becomes painful: a benign lipoma is never painful.
  • The consistency of the lipoma is no longer soft but becomes hard and irregular
  • The lipoma is no longer mobile but fixed
  • The skin around the lipoma changes its appearance: a benign lipoma does not become infected, produce an inflammatory reaction or an abscess.

The appearance of one or more of these symptoms should motivate an emergency consultation.

In the vast majority of cases, lipoma surgery follows aesthetic or functional considerations. For example, a lipoma on the back is often embarrassing because it rubs on clothing and backpacks and can cause discomfort. Lipomas can also cause visible and unsightly deformities under the skin.

If there are no signs of malignancy and the patient has no discomfort, there is no indication for removal of the lipoma .

Lipoma removal at Skin Marceau Paris

During your first consultation of dermatological surgery , it will be possible to remove a maximum number of 3 lipomas , and this for your comfort. If you have a larger number of lipomas, it will be necessary to schedule a second session.

The technique for removing a lipoma depends on its size and depth. In the face of a superficial lipoma, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis at the Skin Marceau Clinic and under local anesthesia . A deep lipoma may require general anesthesia and hospitalization.

Following an incision, the lipoma is detached and removed, then the skin is closed with absorbable sutures and a dressing is put in place. Total excision prevents local recurrence.

Any removed lipoma is sent for pathological analysis to the analytical laboratory. Concerning the postoperative course, these are simple: local care will have to be carried out: change of dressings and application of healing cream. Lipoma surgery, like any dermatological surgery , can leave a scar.

Lipoma surgery prices at Skin Marceau

The price of lipoma surgery in Paris is available in the table below: