PRP hair: stimulate hair growth

Losing your hair is a fear for many of us. Depending on its importance and the areas affected, the impact of hair loss on physical appearance and self-confidence differs.

If its causes are multiple, hair loss affects both men and women.

Today, it is possible to use the technique of PRP or platelet-rich plasma to optimize your hair health.

At Clinique Skin Marceau in Paris , our dermatologists offer you this state-of-the-art solution.

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What is the PRP technique for hair?

The PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma technique is a medical and non-invasive procedure . It is based on the use of plasma rich in platelets obtained from the patient’s own blood: this treatment is therefore autologous and eliminates any risk of rejection or allergy.

A small blood sample is collected and then placed in a centrifuge: the platelets are then separated from the rest of the blood. Your platelet-rich plasma is then collected and injected into your scalp using a series of small injections.

The platelets contained in the plasma are particularly rich in growth factors which stimulate the production of stem cells in the hair follicle. These stem cells contribute to the repair, healing and regeneration of hair follicles.

The goal is to increase hair density and improve hair quality . The PRP technique can be used alone or combined with other treatments such as a hair transplant or these topical medications.

Am I a good candidate for hair PRP treatment?

Your eligibility to receive platelet-rich plasma treatment is checked during your consultation at our Clinic in Paris .

Total baldness , that is to say a total absence of hair on the scalp, is not a good indication for PRP treatment: in this case, a hair transplant remains the solution of choice.

In order to optimize the chances of obtaining satisfactory results, the injection of PRP is indicated if:

  • You have thinning hair
  • You notice a slowing down of the usual rate of regrowth
  • You experience hair loss after pregnancy
  • Your scalp is balding in certain areas
  • You have mild to moderate alopecia , particularly in the forehead, temples or at the top of the head .

In addition, following a targeted questioning and a complete examination, the determination of a possible cause at the origin of the loss of your hair also directs the treatment. If your alopecia is secondary to an underlying pathology (thyroid disease, chronic iron deficiency , a progressive skin infection or even autoimmune disorders such as lupus ), the results are quite average and it is advisable to consult a specialist. upstream.

Hair PRP: procedure at Clinique Skin Marceau

We systematically eliminate any contraindication to PRP treatment : pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, skin inflammation, skin disease, anticoagulant treatment , etc.

After obtaining your platelet-rich plasma, several small injections using very fine needles are performed: we use a precise injection technique to guarantee uniform distribution of the product on the scalp.

This medical gesture is performed under local anesthesia , which minimizes possible and slight discomfort.

The results after the hair PRP method

In most cases, our patients notice the benefits of the treatment approximately two to three months after the first session: the quality of the hair improves, the hair density increases and the growth is noticeable.

In order to obtain optimal results, it is recommended to follow three to four sessions , spaced four weeks apart. To maintain the effects obtained, we advise you to continue with a six-month follow-up treatment.

Research so far has demonstrated the benefits of PRP therapy in the treatment of hair loss . According to a 2014 study, results showed 30% increased growth in areas with loss of hair density. A control by trichoscopy makes it possible to evaluate the evolution of the capillary state.

The platelet-rich plasma technique is natural, biocompatible and safe. It does not involve taking medication or injecting chemicals.

Prices for hair PRP treatment at Skin Marceau

A PRP treatment session costs 400 euros and 3 sessions cost 1000 euros.

Hair prp
1 session 400 €
3 sessions 1000 €
3rd session 200 instead of 400 200 € instead of 400 €