MD Codes: comprehensive and personalized facial treatment

The innovative technique of MD Codes targets several sites of the face affected by skin aging and thus aims to obtain harmonious results. Thanks to coding, the slowing down of facial aging is possible.

Dermatologists at Skin Marceau in Paris are trained in this technique.

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MD Codes, what are they?

The MD Codes were developed by Mauricio de Maio, a Brazilian plastic surgeon. The latter mapped 75 injection points on the face , each point corresponding to a well-defined indication.

The hyaluronic acid used in this treatment differs depending on the area treated and thus the desired effect: volumizing or lifting. In the same way, the injected volume varies.

The injection of hyaluronic acid by MD Codes is able to treat a set of areas: the cheekbones , the temples, the cheeks, the valley of tears, the lips, the jaw, the nasolabial folds, the folds of bitterness, forehead , chin . _

This protocol adapts to the anatomical particularities of each face as well as to the stage of skin aging, resulting in personalized care.

It is important to note that the objective of the MD Codes is not to treat wrinkles but to reorganize the foundations of the face and restore harmonious and adapted volumes .

Precautions to take before having hyaluronic acid injections by MD Codes

The precautions to take before hyaluronic acid injections by MD Codes are the same as for a traditional hyaluronic acid injection session:

  • Absence of known allergy to the product
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory or aspirin a few days before the injection session.
  • Active infection or skin lesion on the face
  • As a precautionary principle, pregnancy and breastfeeding contraindicate the injection of hyaluronic acid.

Procedure of an injection session of the MD Codes at Skin Marceau

The first consultation with your dermatologist is an essential time. In order to obtain a satisfactory result in harmony with your emotions, an interview and a structural analysis of your face are carried out.

Once this protocol has been confirmed, the injection plan can be constructed (zones, adapted hyaluronic acid).

Your dermatologist will follow the injection plan according to the MD Codes method . Depending on the area treated and the desired effect (volume or lifting), it is possible to inject hyaluronic acid deeply or superficially, using micro-needles or cannulas. Under local anesthesia, numerous injections may require several sessions.

After each session, it is important not to massage the treated areas to allow a good fixation of the product. It is also recommended to avoid exposure to strong heat such as saunas or hammams, as well as exposure to the sun. Finally, it is advisable not to do sports or intense effort.

Tailor-made results with MD Codes

Since the MD Codes technique makes it possible to set up a personalized treatment, the results are also tailor-made.

Facial support is restored and facial contours are refined . Depending on the needs and expectations expressed by the patient, the face is less tired, less relaxed, less severe or even rejuvenated. The result is immediate and above all natural. It lasts between 12 and 18 months. By repeating the sessions (continuous treatment is possible), the effect is maintained.

Positive emotions are highlighted, negative emotions corrected. Facial aging is effectively slowed down.

The price of an injection of hyaluronic acid according to the MD Codes technique

The price varies according to many factors: number of injections to be performed, hyaluronic acid used, areas to be treated. It is at the end of your first consultation and after examination that an estimate can be established before any treatment.

As an indication, you can consult the prices of hyaluronic acid syringes in the table below:

Hyaluronic acid