Spider veins

Varicosities reflect a blood circulation disorder . These skin lesions affect approximately 30% of the population. Although they are mostly considered a minor cosmetic concern, they can cause discomfort and be painful.

Within the Clinique Skin Marceau in Paris , a team of qualified dermatologists performs the treatment of varicosities .

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General information on varicosities

Spider veins, also called telangiectasias , are enlarged superficial veins that appear under the skin, most often as blue , red, or purple veins. They form as a result of an insufficiency of the venous valve and increased pressure in the veins.

Spider veins are most commonly found on the legs and thighs , but can also occur on the face and other areas of the body.

The causes favoring the appearance of varicosities

While the exact etiology of spider veins is not fully known, several risk factors associated with their development can be distinguished:

  • Age: Aging leads to a loss of elasticity of blood vessels and their valves, which can lead to the appearance of varicosities. Impairment of the elasticity of vascular tissues can gradually impact the ability of venous valves to prevent blood reflux . Physical inactivity and muscle aging also affect blood circulation and thus contribute to the formation of varicosities.
  • Heredity: Spider veins tend to be hereditary : their presence in family members significantly increases the likelihood of developing them. Certain genetic abnormalities of the venous valves are likely to increase the risk of venous reflux and therefore varicosities.
  • Hormonal variations: fluctuations in hormones occurring during life events such as pregnancy or menopause favor the appearance of varicosities. Estrogens , the rate of which increases significantly during pregnancy, have been associated with impaired vascular tone , hence the risk of developing varicosities, particularly in the lower limbs. This explains the fact that women are more prone to varicosities than men.
  • Certain lifestyle habits are associated with the development of varicosities: prolonged standing or sitting can increase venous pressure. Indeed, gravity leads to an accumulation of blood in the veins of the lower limbs. The venous valves can thus be damaged and cause venous insufficiency . Obesity is responsible for additional pressure on the veins of the lower limbs, resulting in possible dilation and venous insufficiency. A sedentary lifestyle reduces blood circulation to the legs, which can aggravate spider veins. Excess weight associated with a lack of physical exercise is an important risk factor for varicosities.

In order to avoid or delay the appearance of varicosities, it is essential to promote blood stimulation : regular physical activity helps maintain good blood circulation, static positions are to be avoided.

Cold water is recognized for its benefits on the blood network, while strong heat is to be avoided. Also, wearing tight clothes that compress the legs and calves can disrupt blood circulation and promote the appearance and/or aggravation of incipient varicose veins.

Why treat spider veins?

In the vast majority of cases, varicosities or telangiectasias are benign and do not cause concern. However, it may be necessary to treat them to relieve bothersome symptoms or to prevent complications that can be severe:

  • Varicosities can be complicated by venous ulcers : a sign of chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers follow a weakening of the skin around the varicosities which ends up breaking. This skin lesion ( wound ) varies in size, is surrounded by a red, irritated area, and may take several weeks to heal.
  • Varicosities are a risk factor for phlebitis . These refer to inflammation of the superficial veins and manifest as pain and swelling, as well as warmth and redness around the affected area. Phlebitis can be superficial or deep. Superficial phlebitis is the most widespread form and must motivate early consultation before it worsens. Indeed, deep vein thrombosis or DVT can be dangerous and requires urgent medical treatment to avoid serious complications such as pulmonary embolism.
  • Rare but possible complication, bleeding following a rupture of varicosities can occur. This bleeding may be more severe in patients with bleeding disorders .

Faced with a symptomatology made up of muscle cramps , a feeling of heavy legs , itching or even edema, a consultation with your doctor is indicated. These symptoms are most often aggravated at the end of the day, following prolonged standing or sitting or after exposure to heat.

How to treat varicosities at Skin Marceau?

The main reason for consultation for varicosities remains their unsightly and embarrassing appearance. Our dermatologists welcome you to Skin Marceau during an initial interview to discuss with you and carry out a complete physical examination.

It is necessary to carry out a Doppler ultrasound of the lower limbs : the study of the veins and the search for possible complications make it possible to set up the therapeutic plan.

In our clinic in Paris , we treat varicosities with the Nd Yag vascular laser . It is a solution of choice for varicosities: non-invasive, it allows a precise, targeted and effective action on different diameters of varicosities. The Nd Yag laser can be used on all areas of the body as well as the face. Applied to varicosities, the laser heats the blood vessels, causing them to coagulate and then close.

Treatment of varicosities: what results?

After spider veins are treated with laser , they may disappear completely or be reduced in size and appearance. The results vary from one person to another, depending on the initial state of the varicosities as well as the number of sessions performed.

Maintenance sessions may be recommended.

It is essential to maintain a balanced lifestyle in order to avoid the appearance of new varicosities. In addition, preventive measures such as regular exercise, wearing compression stockings and adopting a healthy diet can help prevent the reappearance of spider veins.

Varicosities Nose Patient

Male patient presenting for treatment of varicosities on his nose, which was treated with the Candela Gentlemax laser. The after photo is after one treatment session.

Varicosities 4 Patient

Female patient presenting for treatment of varicosities on her feet, which was treated with the Elite+ laser. The after photo is after four treatment sessions.

Varicosities 3 Patient

Female patient presenting for treatment of varicosities on her cuisses, which was treated with the Elite+ laser. The after photo is after five treatment sessions.

Varicosities 2 Patient

Female patient presenting for treatment of varicosities on her calf, which was treated with the Elite+ laser. The after photo is after five treatment sessions.

Varicosities 1 Patient

Male patient presenting for treatment of varicosities on his chin, which was treated with the Icon Max G laser. The after photo is after one treatment session.