INTERGLUTEAL furrow laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the only method that can permanently remove unwanted hair . At Skin Marceau, we work with the Lutronic Clarity II laser , a world reference in permanent hair removal.

Thanks to this device, all skin phototypes as well as all areas of the body of the body are eligible for permanent hair removal .

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What are the criteria for laser effectiveness on hair in the intergluteal furrow area?

The region of the buttocks and the inter-gluteal furrow is provided with more or less thick hair depending on the patient . Women who suffer from a hormonal imbalance with hyperandrogenism (excess androgen hormones) can be particularly complexed by hair that is thicker on the buttocks and at the level of the line.

Motivated by personal, aesthetic or hygienic reasons, many patients choose to permanently depilate the inter-gluteal furrow .

Conventional lasers generally only work on dark hair on fair skin . Technological innovations have made it possible to develop these devices. Our dermatologists have chosen the Lutronic Clarity II, the benchmark laser for permanent hair removal, capable of treating all skin tones .

To ensure optimal results, the lasers follow the life cycle of the hair .

  • The anagen phase indicates the stage of regrowth and the only time when the treatment is effective.
  • In the catagen phase , hair growth slows and stops. We are talking about a resting phase.
  • The telogen phase corresponds to the final period, where the hair comes off the hair follicle and falls.

These cycles vary based on a person’s age, hormones, and natural hair growth processes, resulting in individual differences. Each hair can be in a different growth cycle. It is therefore important to target the areas with the laser more than once during several sessions.

Therefore, we ask you to shave the area to be treated before the session so that the hair in this area is in the regrowth phase.

Precautions to take before the intergluteal furrox laser hair removal session

Although this area is rarely exposed, it is important to take some common precautions for all areas.

  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning booths for at least two to three weeks before the laser hair removal session.
  • Stop waxing and tweezing. The hairs must be sufficiently present on the skin to allow the success of the treatment.
  • Taking certain medications and photosensitizers is contraindicated because it increases the risk of burns.
  • Pregnancy and/or breastfeeding contraindicate laser hair removal.

Intergluteal furrow laser hair removal sessions at Skin Marceau

Permanent hair removal is part of a medical care protocol that requires a prior meeting between the doctor and the patient. Following a careful examination of your skin and hair, we are able to provide you with your treatment plan.

We invite you to let us know your medical history to avoid the risk of unwanted side effects. You can send us any questions to reassure you.

The day of your session, the inter-gluteal groove is disinfected. You are equipped with protective glasses. The laser targets the melanin of the hair, responsible for its pigmentation. By thermolytic reaction , the energy delivered destroys the hair follicle preventing hair regrowth.

The duration of the session is generally short. Patients report tingling and heating when firing the laser and point out that this sensation is bearable. The Lutronic Clarity II laser is equipped with a jet of cold air that is constantly diffused during the session to relieve discomfort.

At the end of the session, a moisturizer is applied to the furrow.

The first treatment has the most noticeable effects because it “shocks” the follicles with the treatment. This session reports a greater feeling among patients.

The results after the laser hair removal session of the hairs of the inter-gluteal furrow

After the laser hair removal session, the hair bulb will begin to emerge over a period of 5 to 19 days. This can cause redness and bumps like ingrown hairs , as your body will push the hairs out of the follicle which will eventually fall out.

As a general rule, we recommend a minimum of 6 laser treatments for women and 8 for men.

At the end of the treatment, you are definitely rid of your inter-gluteal furrow hair . The Lutronic Clarity II laser guarantees smooth , hairless skin .

Intergluteal furrow laser hair removal prices at Skin Marceau

The price of a laser hair removal session of the inter-gluteal furrow is 55 €. Skin Marceau also practices many packages in which the jersey is coupled with other areas.

You can find the prices of the packages below:

Womens laser hair removal
BRAZILIAN bikini + SIF 130 €
COMPLETE bikini + SIF 145 €
1/2 LEGS + FULL BIKINI + SIF 230 €
Mens laser hair removal