Actinic Keratosis Treatment

Actinic keratosis is also called solar keratosis , since it is the consequence of chronic exposure to the sun.

It is a possibly precancerous skin lesion , hence the importance of screening, dermatological examination and early and appropriate treatment. The treatment of choice for actinic keratosis is the Co2 laser.

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What is actinic keratosis?

Actinic keratosis is caused by damage to the surface cells of the skin. Keratinocytes are damaged by ultraviolet (UV) radiation with development of keratotic lesions . These transformations can affect the scalp, the face , the neck , the hands or the arms.

This pathology is manifested by small patches of variable colors (flesh color, brown, red or even white) and of rigorous texture . Actinic keratoses are often more easily detected by touch than by sight. Affected skin may experience roughness and dryness, but also increased tenderness, pain, itching, and a burning or stinging sensation.

Actinic keratosis preferentially affects subjects with a clear phototype, as well as those with a history of excessive and unprotected exposure to UV rays from the sun or artificial tanning booths .

Why treat actinic keratosis with the CO2 laser?

Actinic keratosis lesions represent a risk of progression to skin cancer .

Even if 5 to 15% of cases of actinic keratosis progress to squamous cell carcinoma, the carcinogenic risk must motivate a screening consultation as well as a skin biopsy .

Regular self -examinations as well as a routine visit to your dermatologist once a year allow for early treatment and thus a better prognosis. The laser treatment will destroy the lesion and prevent a possible cancerous evolution.

Procedure of a co2 laser session to treat actinic keratosis at Skin Marceau

A team of dermatologists receives you at Skin Marceau for an annual routine consultation, or if you notice the new appearance of skin spots that you wish to control.

The interview allows us to look for possible risk factors for actinic keratosis. A clinical examination and dermatoscopy will be followed by a skin biopsy.

Following the diagnosis of actinic keratosis and after verification of the absence of contraindications to the treatment, the decision of a treatment by laser can be made.

During the laser session, you may feel a slight tingling. An anesthetic cream will be applied beforehand. The co2 laser will act by vaporizing the lesion in a controlled manner.

At Skin Marceau, we use the Deka Smartxide CO2 laser , the most technologically advanced and renowned manufacturer of CO2 medical lasers in the world.

The number as well as the duration of the sessions necessary to destroy the lesions varies according to the number and the size of these.

Contraindications to laser treatment of actinic keratosis

During your consultation and before any treatment, we check your medical history and your medication intake.

  • You must suspend all sun exposure as well as artificial tans a few weeks before the treatment
  • Any skin infection in the area to be treated must be treated upstream
  • You will be recommended to avoid the application of certain cosmetic products before the treatment.

The consequences after a laser session to treat actinic keratosis

After the session, the skin darkens then scabs may appear: these must not be torn off as they will fall off on their own. Once healing is complete (approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the end of treatment), aesthetic results are generally excellent.

It is not recommended to use a dressing after the treatment of actinic keratoses. Showers are possible, but it is best to avoid baths, saunas and swimming pools.

Actinic Keratosis Laser Treatment: What Are The Results?

If the treatment of actinic keratosis can be carried out by cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen, the Co2 laser remains the ideal solution to overcome actinic keratosis permanently.

It is essential to remember the importance of photoprotection in patients with actinic keratoses. Indeed, these lesions indicate the depletion of the solar capital.

To protect the skin, it is recommended to use physical protection such as clothing and hats, as well as sunscreens with an appropriate factor. Following the laser treatment, photoprotection remains essential in order not to favor the reappearance of the spots.

How much does actinic keratosis treatment cost at Skin Marceau?

The price of Co2 laser sessions to treat actinic keratosis are in the table below:

Co2 Laser Actinic Keratosis