Laser scar treatment

If some scars are discreet and almost invisible, others are extensive, hypertrophic or keloid and can cause real daily discomfort.

Laser scar recovery is performed in Paris at Clinique Skin Marceau. Dermatologists use the lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser.

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What is a scar?

scar follows the physiological process of healing , triggered by a break in the skin.

The response of the skin to this lesion will depend on several factors specific to each person. Age, genetic predispositions, skin type , location of the scar as well as the depth of the lesion condition the healing process.

The greater the skin break-ins, the more the scar is likely to be voluminous and visible.

Different types of scars can be found:

  • Keloid scars: an alteration occurring during the healing process will be the cause of keloid scars. They are manifested by a reddish relief and irregular contours . They are very sensitive and can be painful. This is the type of scar most often the cause of aesthetic concern, especially when the scar is located on the face or neck.
  • Hypertrophic scars are bulky, bulging and particularly affect the chest, back or ears .
  • White scars are usually flat and inconspicuous.
  • Atrophic scars are very frequently found in aesthetic medicine consultation. There are small holes in the skin and acne scars are often the cause.

The scar of a cesarean section : the revision of a cesarean section scar with the CO2 laser is a request frequently encountered in dermatology.

Why treat scars with laser?

The objective is to destroy the superficial layer of the skin in order to create new skin , free of scars.

Thanks to the lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser, the treatment of scars is fast, secure and now accessible to all skin phototypes as well as very delicate areas ( eyelids and neck among others).

Fractional laser pulses will allow ablation of the epidermis and upper skin layers. The heat will then intensely stimulate the production of new collagen. A meticulous control of the thermal effect guarantees an action perfectly adapted to the needs and a prevention of the undesirable risks.

The cell renewal triggered by the laser treatment will improve the appearance of the scar.

Laser scar recovery at Skin Marceau

Laser scar resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment practiced at the Clinic in Paris .

An anesthetic cream is applied before the session, which makes the treatment almost painless.

The duration of the session varies from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the extent of the scar.

No social eviction is required, you resume your activities the same day.

What are the consequences of a laser scar revision?

The suites are simple. The treated area is red and swollen for the first few days, then will change to a pink color that lasts for a few weeks. A healing cream speeds healing and improves comfort.

During the first weeks after your session, sources of heat such as baths, saunas and hammams should be avoided. Prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended and wearing suitable sun protection is essential.

The results of a laser scar revision

The treated skin will gradually replace the dead skin and a new skin layer will form, without the damage of the old skin. This takes about a week after each session.

Generally, post-treatment results are visible after several sessions.

It should be noted that the response of each patient or patient to laser treatment cannot be predicted, just like the healing process which is specific to each one.

Laser resurfacing reduces contour irregularities as well as discoloration of the scar.

laser cicatrice acné avant après cicatrice acné laser avant apres

Male patient with a scar on his cheek underwent CO2 fractional laser treatment to repair the scarring that had formed. The after photo is 2 months after five treatment sessions.

How much does a scar recovery at Skin Marceau cost?

The price of laser scar treatment depends on the affected area and the extent of the scar:

Lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser Scars
1 TO 3 SMALL SCARS 300 €
PLAY 400 €