Dermatological surgery consultation

Some skin pathologies can remain latent for a long time. Any change in size, color, or appearance must motivate a dermatological surgery consultation , to anticipate any possible malignant transformation.

If you are concerned, we invite you to make an appointment with your dermatologist in Paris .

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How a dermatological surgery consultation takes place at Skin Marceau

The skin is the body’s first line of defense against exogenous aggressions . Regularly cleaning your skin with suitable products is essential to prevent certain skin conditions. This routine is no longer sufficient in the face of more serious skin disorders.

A dermatology appointment is your first step to better skin health.

Dermatological surgery consultations allow you to examine your skin, make a precise diagnosis and establish a personalized treatment protocol .

Typical appointments last about fifteen minutes . We recommend that you specify the nature of your appointment to adapt the duration of your consultation.

During your first encounter, our dermatology team will thoroughly and carefully assess your symptoms. They will ask you questions about your condition, when it started, warning signs , and whether you have ever tried any specific treatments.

What is the difference between dermatological surgery and medical dermatology

Dermatological surgery includes a set of practices, among the most common excision, biopsy or skin grafting .

Techniques such as cryotherapy, dermabrasion or the use of lasers come under medical dermatology . Where medical dermatology may require the application of a topical anesthetic, surgery is more invasive and involves making incisions under the skin.

What skin disorders are treated in dermatological surgery at Skin Marceau?

Dermatological surgery at Skin Marceau takes care of skin disorders on the face and body:

  • melanoma is a skin cancer that develops in pigment-producing cells called melanocytes.
  • Carcinomas are the most common type of cancer, accounting for approximately 85 % of diagnosed cancer cases. They start in epithelial cells, the cells that cover the surface of the body and line internal organs.
  • Moles are pigmented spots on the skin that form when melanocytes, the cells that cause skin pigmentation, come together in clusters .They are generally harmless, but some can be precursors of melanoma, requiring a consultation of dermatological surgery.
  • lipoma is a benign tumor characterized by a fatty protuberance. The removal of this tumor consists of performing an excision to remove all the accumulated adipocytes cells.
  • Cysts indicate a closed pocket or cavity usually filled with fluid , which develops under the skin. The majority are benign and do not suggest treatment, but some are painful or unsightly, and surgery can remove them.
  • Keloid scars are characterized by excessive scar tissue growth that extends beyond the boundaries of the original injury or wound. Keloid scars can be reddish, raised and thick, and cause itching and discomfort.

How much does a dermatological surgery consultation at Skin Marceau cost?

At Skin Marceau, an initial dermatological surgery consultation costs €150. A follow-up consultation costs €100.

You can find our price list by clicking on this link .

Are dermatological surgery treatments reimbursed at Skin Marceau?

Skin Marceau is a private clinic specializing in dermatology and laser hair removal . Our acts are performed outside the conventional system. We practice under Sector 3.

Reimbursement by Health Insurance for doctors in sector 3 is minimal (€1.22 for a specialist dermatologist). We invite you to contact your mutual insurance company to check whether the intervention can be covered. Our subsidized prescriptions are still issued to all of our patients.