Treatment of milia (milk spots)

Milia appear as small white dots on the face and most often affect newborns and young children (hence the name milk spots ).

Totally benign, milia are not contagious, do not evolve, do not become infected and do not change color.

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What is a milia?

Milia are white or yellowish microcysts that appear on the surface of the skin. These small cysts are made up of lamellae of keratin , a protein present in the skin appendages. If they are generally located around dark circles and cheeks, they can also appear on any part of the face or body ( neck and hands, but also the groin and the genital area). Their diameter usually varies from 1 to 2 millimeters.

The consistency of a milia is hard to the touch, reminiscent of a lump of sand under the skin . No redness or inflammation is found, which differentiates milia from pimples and spots.

The presence of milia in a cluster on the face is a form very often encountered in consultation. But it is quite possible to have only one at a time.

Milia spots can affect all skin types (dry or oily).

The causes of the appearance of Milia

The etiology of milia remains uncertain. It would seem that an inefficient elimination of dead cells is the cause of an occlusion of the hair follicles under the skin pores. The use of products that are not suitable for the skin and that are aggressive could also cause the appearance of milia (for example the use of abrasive skin scrubs ). The hypothesis of an alteration of the sweat glands is also put forward. Indeed, milia mainly affect the seborrheic areas (face, back, hands or chest).

Situations that weaken the skin barrier and hinder cell renewal would promote the appearance of milia. These factors are also also involved in the development of blackheads or closed comedones (whiteheads). Among these factors, we find excessive exposure to UV, alcohol and tobacco consumption, excessive use of aggressive cosmetic products , repetitive and abrasive hygiene gestures, skin lesions and wounds, or even certain dermatoses . .

While they are not contagious or dangerous, some people may find them unsightly, especially if they are located in exposed areas.

Prevention of milia

Certain preventive measures can help reduce the appearance of milia and improve the quality of the skin . These gestures also have the advantage of delaying the installation of blackheads and preventing premature aging of the skin .

It is recommended to moderate your exposure to UV rays, to use appropriate photoprotection and to avoid artificial tanning booths . Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

It is important to choose non-comedogenic cosmetics and gentle cleansing products adapted to your skin type. The establishment of a skin cleansing routine is also part of the essential gestures. Your dermatologist can advise you on these details.

How to get rid of Milia at Skin Marceau: course of treatment

You have to be careful about removing the milia yourself. Even if it is a simple and minor procedure, it must be carried out by a health professional, under rigorous hygienic and aseptic conditions. Otherwise, beyond the fact that the act is rarely successful, the skin is likely to become infected and cause a scar .

Possible solutions depend on the type, location, and number of milia to be removed. The most common treatment for removing milia is performed using a sterile needle or the tip of a scalpel. A small incision is made, before extracting each milia spot. This technique removes milia granules with minimal risk of scarring.

Other less common methods of removing milia specks include using a CO2 laser , the Plexr Plasma Pen, or even electrocautery. These methods generally carry a greater risk of scarring and are only used in rare situations.

During your consultation and after examination, we will be able to recommend the best method for you. If you have a small number of milia (between 1 to 5), it will be possible to treat them during this first appointment. For your convenience, a larger number will require a second consultation.

Prices for a Milia treatment at Skin Marceau

Prices for milia removal are available in the table below:

Removal of milia (1-5) 100 €
Removal of milia (6-10) 150 €