My hair bothers me

The presence of hair , on the face or on the body, is likely to be undesirable for both our female and male patients.

Today and thanks to laser hair removal , all skin types and all skin tones can permanently get rid of hair.

Our team of dermatologists in Paris uses the Candela GentleMax Pro laser, the leading brand in laser hair removal .

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Characteristics of a hair

The down is a soft and very fine hair, unlike the permanent hairs which are long, thick and more or less coarse .

The characteristics of the hairs as well as their distribution on the body vary considerably from one person to another. In general, men have more body hair, especially on the back and chest. In addition, the length of the hair growth cycle, called the hair cycle, can also vary. This cycle is divided into three distinct phases:

  • The first phase, or anagen phase , corresponds to the period of active hair growth. It is at this stage that laser hair removal is effective, hence the need to perform several sessions at different times of the cycle.
  • The second phase, or catagen phase, is the shortest. It is at this stage that the growth of the hair stops and that it is detached from its root.
  • The third and final phase, or telogen phase, is the falling phase, which lasts between three and four months. At this point, the hair no longer grows and gradually falls out, until a new cycle of growth begins.

Why hairiness can be embarrassing?

There are different reasons why body hair can be embarrassing. First, the purely aesthetic reason is often found in consultation. Many people consider body hair unsightly and do not want to display it on their arms or legs on a daily basis. Faced with excessive hair , the discomfort is all the more profound.

When the hair cycle is fast, hair removal sessions become frequent and turn into a chore. To the loss of time will be added the irritation of frequent shaving and the appearance of pimples.

The regrowth of shaved hair is also uncomfortable. Indeed, by pushing back, the hairs are most often the cause of itching.

The bristles tend to retain perspiration, hence a concern for hygiene that motivates consultation. Excessive sweating is often experienced as a handicap.

And since not all hair removal methods are created equal, some can be particularly painful.

What are the solutions to get rid of hair permanently?

Laser hair removal currently represents the only solution, reliable and secure, which makes it possible to get rid of hair permanently .

Laser hair removal to get rid of body hair at Skin Marceau

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis . The heat produced by the laser beam causes the destruction of the hair bulb within the follicle. Unlike the laser, the action of traditional hair removal methods does not reach the bulb. The laser beam targets the melanin pigment which is present in the hair. The darker the hair, the richer it is in melanin and the better it will respond to laser hair removal. This explains the limit of laser hair removal in the treatment of red or white hair since the melanin concentration is poor there.

We always take the time to carry out a clinical examination and to look for possible contraindications to laser hair removal . As a precautionary principle, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding should delay laser hair removal. Any skin lesion must be treated upstream and taking photosensitizing drugs is prohibited before laser treatment. If you have tanned skin, there is a high risk of burns and you have to wait for your skin to return to its usual complexion.

At Skin Marceau, we use Candela’s GentleMax Pro laser which has a double wavelength . This makes it possible to obtain exceptional results in terms of efficiency and speed of action. It is currently the fastest and most powerful laser on the market .

The laser hair removal sessions are performed in Paris, following the settings of the device by your dermatologist. A period of 6 weeks separates each hair removal session.

Laser hair removal for men

In our male patients , laser hair removal represents a solution to excessive hair growth . For the beard , back and chest , traditional hair removal techniques are not always practical and laser hair removal provides smooth skin without irritation, pimples or ingrown hairs.

It is possible that the number of laser hair removal sessions required is higher than that usually performed in our female patients. Male hair tends to be denser and thicker.

Laser hair removal for dull and dark skin

For a long time, the only use of the Alexandrite laser did not allow the treatment of matte and dark skin . Light phototypes, from I to IV according to the Fitzpatrick scale, were the only ones who could benefit from laser hair removal.

Today, phototypes V and VI, i.e. dark and dark skin , are eligible for laser hair removal using the Nd Yag laser .