Treatment of angiomas

Frequent reasons for consultation in dermatology, angiomas sign a localized vascular anomaly and mainly concern children. While benign in the vast majority of cases, angiomas most often cause an intense psychological impact.

Laser treatment of angiomas is carried out by dermatologists at Clinique Skin Marceau in Paris, for adults and children alike .

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What is an angioma?

If the origin of angiomas is not yet fully known, it is very likely that their formation takes place during pregnancy.

An angioma is a congenital malformation resulting from a superficial vascular anomaly. A significant dilation of the blood or lymphatic vessels will give the skin a red, pink or even purple color. The angiomas are most often located in the skin or mucous membranes, much more rarely in the organs. They frequently sit on the face and can be the cause of aesthetic but also functional concerns. The hemangioma or infantile angioma and the flat angioma constitute the two most frequent types of angiomas.

  • Hemangiomas are vascular tumors that can be superficial, deep subcutaneous or of mixed form (ie combining the first two forms). The deep hemangioma presents as a protruding mass under the skin, often bluish in color. The superficial form takes on the appearance of red spots with an irregular surface. Hemangiomas appear after birth.
  • Flat angiomas , often called “ wine stains ” or even birthmarks, take on the appearance of red-colored macules and are likely to be associated with cerebral or ophthalmological abnormalities. Present from birth, flat angiomas do not develop particularly during the first years of life but then grow with the child. They can be small in size or spread over a large area of ​​the skin. This type of angioma can cause significant daily suffering in affected children.

At Skin Marceau, ruby ​​angiomas and stellate angiomas represent the types of angiomas most commonly found in consultation. Both are acquired and appear in adulthood. Ruby angiomas, also known as Morgan’s spot , appear as very small red papules ( bright red pimple a few millimeters) and tend to be located on the limbs or trunk. These angiomas do not disappear with vitropression, that is to say when you press on them.

Spider angiomas appear as a red lesion that may look like a spider or a star. They can develop spontaneously or follow an injury, they are often found on the face . Spider angiomas that appear during pregnancy or when taking oral contraceptives are common. Painless and benign, they mainly pose an aesthetic concern. Unlike ruby ​​angiomas, stellate angiomas are erasable with vitropression, that is to say, they disappear when pressed on them.

The causes and factors favoring angiomas

Difficult pregnancies (multiple pregnancy, pregnancy complicated by high blood pressure or placental abruption, etc.) would favor the development of angiomas .

How to treat angiomas in Paris?

If the vast majority of angiomas are benign and disappear spontaneously, the aesthetic discomfort can sometimes be really substantial and motivate a consultation in dermatology. The specifics of treatment depend on the type of angioma encountered:

  • Spider angiomas do not regress without treatment and are an indication for treatment with Nd Yag laser or ICON MAX G from Cynosure (depending on the area concerned).
  • For the treatment of ruby ​​angiomas , the Nd Yag laser has also proven its effectiveness in a few sessions.

At Skin Marceau, to treat ruby ​​angiomas and spider webs on the face , we use the Icon MAX G laser . At the level of the lower limbs, the Nd Yag laser is indicated.

Process of a laser treatment of angiomas at Skin Marceau

For any aesthetic dermatology treatment , our specialized assistant receives you first and examines you. Once your eligibility for treatment has been confirmed, a dermatologist will take care of you.

Protective glasses are given to you as with each laser treatment. The duration of the session depends on the extent of the skin to be treated. A healing cream downstream can relieve any inconvenience and accelerate healing.

A period of 6 weeks must be observed between two sessions.

What are the contraindications to laser treatment of angiomas?

As with any laser treatment , verification of the absence of contraindications is essential:

  • In principle, pregnancy and breastfeeding contraindicate the use of the laser
  • An active infection, wound or burn of the skin to be treated must be treated before the start of the laser protocol for angioma.
  • If you are suffering from an inflammatory rosacea flare-up , delaying laser treatment is recommended.
  • Tanned skin may be burned or damaged by the laser beam. You have to wait to find your usual complexion and do not expose yourself to the sun before a laser treatment.
  • A history of keloid scarring promotes the development of new keloid scars following laser treatment.
  • The presence of a tattoo on the skin to be treated may contraindicate the laser.

What precautions should be taken following laser treatment of angiomas?

Exposure to the sun will only be possible after the end of healing. During the first days, avoid baths, hot showers and hammams and apply a healing cream. Be careful not to scratch or try to remove the scabs .

Pigmentation disorders such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation are likely to appear during the weeks following the laser treatment. They are generally reversible.

The results after treatment of angiomas?

Little by little, the vessels disappear. The sessions are generally spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

For spider and ruby ​​angiomas, 1 to 2 sessions are usually sufficient.

Prices for the treatment of angiomas at Skin Marceau

The cost depends on the technique used, the number of sessions required and the extent of the lesion.

Vascular treatment of angioma
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