Treatment of syringomas

Syringomas are benign skin conditions. While harmless, they can be perceived as aesthetically bothersome and may warrant a dermatology consultation.

At Skin Marceau in Paris, syringoma treatment is performed using CO2 laser.

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What is a syringoma?

A syringoma is a small benign tumor of the skin that forms from the eccrine sweat glands (glands responsible for sweat secretion). It typically presents as small flesh-colored bumps or nodules and can appear on various parts of the body, but are more common around the face, particularly around the eyes. They are most often multiple.

Diagnosis of a syringoma

The diagnosis of a syringoma is based on a simple clinical examination of the skin by your dermatologist.

Syringomas must be distinguished from milia: they can indeed be confused due to their similar appearances. Milia are epidermal cysts, often formed from keratin cells trapped beneath the skin’s surface. They typically manifest as small white or yellowish bumps, resembling millet seeds, hence their name. Milia can appear on any part of the face, especially around the eyes, on the cheeks, or forehead, but can also develop on other parts of the body.

In some cases, a biopsy of the lesion may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. A biopsy involves taking a small sample of tissue from the lesion to examine it under a microscope. This can help rule out other possible skin conditions and confirm the presence of syringomas.

There are usually two forms of syringomas:

  • Palpebral syringomas are characterized by small pinkish-white papules localized on the eyelids. This manifestation is more common in women around the age of 40.
  • Eruptive syringomas of the thorax appear as tiny, pink or pigmented lesions, sometimes associated with skin irritations. This form is most often observed in patients with Down syndrome.

Treatment Procedure for Syringomas in Paris at Skin Marceau

As with any medical dermatology procedure at Skin Marceau, you will first be received by our specialized assistant before the dermatologist’s intervention.

Performed under local anesthesia, the CO2 laser works by vaporizing the skin lesions. The CO2 laser is used to precisely target the syringomas. The laser’s fractional technology allows for selective treatment of the affected areas.
It is always recommended to wear protective eye goggles during the procedure. Typically, only one session is required. This treatment is effective and safe, with fewer risks of scarring compared to other lasers (although slight discoloration of the treated areas may occur, it is usually temporary).

What are the results of syringoma treatment with CO2 laser?

Improvement is typically noticeable after the first session.

The fractional CO2 laser used by the medical team at Skin Marceau is based on a highly advanced technique where the laser impact points are separated by areas of healthy skin, thus promoting a rapid healing process. This leads to more effective and faster healing.