The Skin Marceau Center is surrounded by a multidisciplinary and extremely competent team . Our doctors are skin specialists with rigorous training in the use of lasers . Thanks to their medical expertise and the cutting-edge technologies of our technical platform, our dermatologists offer you complete treatments adapted to your needs. At Skin Marceau, understanding, support and your well-being drive our common values.

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Dr Isra Mullens

Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons practice in our Clinic:

Dr Isra Mullens is a specialist in dermatology and venerology. She is also trained in laser treatments, injections and aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Mullens regularly performs dermatological surgery for melanoma, carcinoma/basal cell carcinoma and cysts.

Dr. Mullens is fluent in French, English and Arabic.

Dr Marie Le Merlouette

Dr Marie Le Merlouette is a specialist in dermatology and venerology.

It takes care of pathologies of an inflammatory nature (psoriasis, atypical dermatitis, lichen, vitiligo), oncology (screening, carcinoma and follow-up of melanoma) and pediatric (angiona, resistant acne). After joining the Skin Marceau team, Dr. Le Merlouette trained in laser treatments.

Dr Le Merlouette only speaks the French language.