Pearly glans papules

The pearly papules are benign cutaneous growths and located at the level of the balanic crown of the glans.

In the absence of aesthetic discomfort, there is no indication for treatment of pearly papules . They are neither dangerous nor contagious and do not affect sexual life in any way.

The treatment of pearly papules of the glans is part of the gestures carried out in medical dermatology at Skin Marceau.

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What is the pearl crown of the glans?

The pearly papules of the glans are manifested by small protuberances whose dimensions generally vary between 1 to 3 millimeters. They are located around the glans of the penis .

These growths of skin can be located in one or more rows and form a crown at the level of the glans . Flesh-colored, they appear during adolescence and are most often asymptomatic. If they do not tend to disappear spontaneously, they can decrease with age.

What Causes Pearly Papules?

The origin of the appearance of pearly papules is still unknown. Pearly crown of the glans is not a disease, rather it is considered a variant of normal in some men.

It seems that uncircumcised men as well as those with black skin would be more affected by this situation.

Moreover, it is in no way due to a lack of hygiene .

Are pearly papules contagious?

The pearly crown of the glans is not contagious, it is not an STD or sexually transmitted disease. It remains important to consult a dermatologist in order to eliminate possible differential diagnoses such as condyloma as an example.

Diagnosis of a pearly crown of the glans

A simple clinical examination performed by your dermatology doctor is sufficient to establish the diagnosis. The biopsy of a papule makes it possible to find an angiofibroma, but in the vast majority of cases, this examination does not need to be carried out.

What is the treatment for a pearly crown of the glans at Skin Marceau?

For patients who wish to get rid of small pimples on the glans , dermatologists at Clinique Skin Marceau in Paris offer two possible treatments: electrocoagulation and Co2 laser treatment .

Treatment of pearly papules by electrocautery

Electrocoagulation is a technique that aims to destroy lesions through the use of an electric scalpel. An electric current will heat each growth which will then be coagulated and then destroyed. Local anesthesia makes the procedure completely painless and the consequences are generally mild. After the operation, small scabs form in the treated areas. No pain or feeling of discomfort is felt during healing.

It is important to carefully follow your dermatologist’s instructions regarding post-operative care. Cleansing with water and antiseptic soap should be followed by topical antibiotic ointment . If healing is complete after a few days, sensitivity may persist for a little longer. Sexual abstention is recommended during the first days following treatment.

The Co2 laser to treat pearly papules

The laser beam will vaporize the growths superficially and without damaging the surrounding skin. It is a quick treatment with simple consequences. One to two sessions may be required.

At Skin Marceau, we use the lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser, a benchmark for Co2 lasers, for various medical dermatology treatments .

Treatment of the pearly crown of the glans with CO2 laser

500€ – 800€