Skin growth treatment

Skin growths are small, benign tumors that are located in skin folds . No medical indication requires that they be removed.

As these skin growths are located at the level of the friction zones , they can be brought to bleed. Patients who wish to remove them do so mainly for aesthetic reasons, these skin lesions may be considered unsightly. At Skin Marceau in Paris , we treat skin tags with the CO2 laser .

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Acrochordon - Traitement excroissance de la peau à Paris | Clinique Skin Marceau

What causes a skin growth?

The appearance factors of acrochordons are still poorly known. But the track of skin aging seems plausible. With age, the skin loosens and hangs. She becomes more prone to the development of these skin growths.

People who are overweight are also more prone to reveal skin growths.

Hormonal changes and certain diseases , such as metabolic syndrome (presence of excess fat in the belly), high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and the human papilloma virus (HPV) can promote the formation of skin tags.

Although skin tags are generally harmless, it’s best to see a dermatologist if you notice a change in size or color. Repeated bleeding and itching should prompt you to make an appointment with a dermatologist in Paris.

How does the laser act on an acrochordon?

At Skin Marceau , we use the Deka Smartxide CO2 laser , a reference in CO2 medical lasers. Its wavelength, which emits light at 10,600 nanometers, is powerful enough to perceive stagnant water in these small growths of skin.

How does a laser session to remove a skin growth take place at Skin Marceau?

As with any medical dermatology treatment, our specialist assistant first receives you for an initial examination, before the intervention of your dermatologist.

After examining your skin, we are able to draw up a report adapted to your needs.

The treatment is done under local anesthesia or under topical anesthesia (application of a cream 1 hour before the session, Emla type).

The skin is first disinfected. We will then perform a ”  vaporization  ” of the lesion which will lead to its destruction. It is a source of smoke emission , which is sucked up by a special device equipped with a filter.

The session is quick and lasts on average only 15 minutes. The CO2 laser does not imply any downtime. The resumption of your daily activities is immediately possible.

How many sessions are needed?

One session is sufficient to eliminate skin tags . Nevertheless, it is necessary to wait a few weeks to appreciate the final result, the time that the skin heals.

Is skin tag treatment painful?

The treatment being carried out under local anesthesia, a simple tingling or stinging sensation is felt.

What are the consequences after a laser session to remove a skin tag?

All skin tags are destroyed in 1 session. Local treatments (creams, dressings) are required until complete healing.

Once the lesion is definitively healed, a slight pinkish mark remains visible on the surface of the skin. It gradually fades.

Expected results after laser treatment for skin growths

The results are instant and remarkable. The use of the CO2 laser is a safe technique that presents no post-treatment complications. The skin growths resorb. Once healing is complete, the skin tags disappear completely. We will make sure to organize a follow-up consultation to ensure the success of the treatment.

Prices for a laser session against skin tags at Skin Marceau

At Skin Marceau, the prices indicated vary according to the number of skin tags to be treated .

Laser CO2 skin growth
1 TO 5 SKIN TAGS 250 €
6 TO 10 SKIN TAGS 350 €
11 TO 15 SKIN TAGS 450 €