Armpit laser hair removal

Permanent armpit hair removal is a frequent request among our female patients, but also increasingly among men.

Regardless of your skin type and complexion, you are eligible for underarm laser hair removal . Indeed, the dermatology team at Skin Marceau is equipped with the Lutronic Clarity II laser, a world reference in permanent hair removal .

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Why can underarm hair be bothersome?

Armpit hair can be a source of discomfort for several reasons. Hair traps sweat, creates an environment for bacteria to grow, and thus causes unpleasant body odor .

For people with fast hair growth , regular waxing can become a tedious and painful chore.

The armpit area being fragile, repeated shaving will eventually irritate the skin and promote unsightly regrowth and the appearance of pimples or even ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal is an ideal solution for optimal time saving and comfort.

Precautions before the armpit laser hair removal session

Laser hair removal is a medical act that must be supervised throughout by a dermatologist present on site. Our teams take the time to verify the absence of contraindications to laser treatment such as: hair under the arms

  • Tanned skin contraindicates laser hair removal, it is therefore prohibited to expose yourself to the sun for at least two weeks before the session. Indeed, tanned skin is more prone to burns. The laser specifically targets melanin , which is abundant in people with tanned skin. If the laser beam is absorbed by the melanin, it can cause skin damage and even burns. We invite you to inform your doctor of any recent contact with the sun, so that he can make the best decision accordingly.
  • Two days before your laser hair removal session, you must shave your armpits with a razor . It is forbidden to use wax or an electric epilator.
  • Pregnancy and/or breastfeeding should, as a precaution, delay laser hair removal of the armpits.
  • Any skin infection or axillary lesion must be treated upstream
  • We seek your medical-surgical history, as certain conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), hirsutism or situations that cause hormonal variations can affect hair growth. In this context, a free consultation can provide you with additional information on the most suitable treatment.
  • All your medications must be reported to us. Certain photosensitizing drugs are likely to contraindicate this treatment.

Underarm laser hair removal at Skin Marceau

Following the elimination of possible contraindications to the treatment, the choice of the device as well as its configuration are made by your dermatologist.

If the Alexandrite laser makes it possible to depilate light phototypes, the Nd Yag laser is intended for dull to dark skin thanks to a deeper wavelength.

The laser treatment is generally painless, but it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream one hour before the session. This lasts about ten minutes and requires the wearing of protective glasses for the patient as well as the practitioner. A handpiece equipped with a cooling system will allow regular sweeping of the armpits, in optimal comfort. The laser works by removing the hairs at their root .

Once the session is over, slight redness or small swelling may appear. These reactions resolve on their own in a few hours.

The follow-up after the armpit laser hair removal session

After an underarm laser hair removal session , it is normal to feel a slight discomfort and tenderness in the treated area. The application of healing cream directly after each session helps to minimize these manifestations. It is important not to be exposed to the sun and to wear loose clothing during the first days following the session to avoid any irritation of the skin.

No social eviction is necessary.

Underarm laser hair removal: what results?

The duration of the treatment depends on several factors such as the amount of hair you have, the color of your hair and your skin. Typically, results begin to be visible from the first few sessions, with slower regrowth and thinner and fewer hairs over time.

About 90% of underarm hair does not grow back after treatment ends.

Laser hair removal armpits

Female patient presenting for removal of hair from her underarms, which was removed with the alexandrite laser. The after photo is 1 month after her third treatment session.

How much does underarm laser hair removal cost at Skin Marceau?

Underarm laser hair removal is included free as part of all hair removal packages at Skin Marceau (½ leg package, leg package, bikini package).

Excluding packages, the armpit laser hair removal session costs 65 euros.