Patient journey

At Skin Marceau , our team is there to provide you with professional advice and ensure your personalized follow-up while respecting your privacy.

Rich in their specialization in skin disorders and conditions, our professionals are committed to offering you quality care .

Throughout your treatment plan, we remain attentive to your needs.

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Appointment booking

Appointments are made via the Doctolib platform . You can contact our secretariat on 01 89 53 23 54 for any information before making your appointment.

Our team can also be reached by email to answer your questions and requests.

How are the consultations carried out?

Skin Marceau welcomes you during several consultations to identify your expectations and refine your needs to offer you the treatment that suits you best.

The first consultation

The first consultation refers to the initial appointment devoted to gathering information . It is decisive for the implementation of the treatment plan. We will take the time to listen to you and understand your motivations .

We will tell you which solutions are available at Skin Marceau and which one is the most suitable for your skin. Also, our doctors will provide you with a list of contraindications and precautions to follow during your treatment journey in our aesthetic medicine center.

When agreeing to the act to be performed, you will be given informed consent and a personalized quote.

Follow-up consultations at Skin Marceau

The follow-up consultations make it possible to measure the results of the treatment and to appreciate the rendering. Depending on the solution chosen, maintenance sessions are necessary to maintain the effects of the treatment.

Some protocols allow definitive and lasting results, such as laser. But some products, such as hyaluronic acid, fade over time and are naturally absorbed by the body. In this case, follow-up consultations are important.

Personalized support at Skin Marceau

Skin Marceau was created by placing people at the center of its approach. Each patient is unique, and even if the needs may be common, their feelings are personal and intimate. Confidentiality is an essential value at Skin Marceau to establish relationships of trust . Our professionals are always at your disposal to provide you with personalized information and advice . We want to share with you a real experience for your skin in a comfortable environment and a warm atmosphere.