Cellulite or orange peel skin is a skin condition most often found in our female patients, even if it can sometimes affect men Depending on the areas of the body affected, cellulite frequently causes significant discomfort that motivates consultation in aesthetic medicine (even more so when it is associated with the presence of stretch marks ).

At Clinique Skin Marceau, our dermatologists work with the latest technology in body contouring: Velashape III , a unique synergy of techniques that firm and refine the silhouette in a non-invasive way.

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What is cellulite or the orange peel effect?

Cellulite refers to an accumulation of fat cells located in the subcutaneous tissue. Adipocytes, located in small compartments of connective tissue, develop abnormally. When they pile up, they take on volume and deform the surface of the skin.

The fibrous tissue is no longer able to store fat cells. The proliferation of these fatty deposits cause distortion of the skin giving it a rounded shape.

This situation is the result of several factors that make it possible to distinguish between different types of cellulite :

  • Adipose cellulite concerns overweight people. Adipocytes act as an energy reserve for the human body. The body then burns less fat than it consumes and the cells hypertrophy. The lymphatic circulation, responsible for the elimination of toxins, is congested. Cellulite appears and visible inflammation on the skin alerts to internal dysfunction.
  • Fibrous cellulite is particularly difficult to dislodge. It is the consequence of an alteration of the collagen fibers which surround the fatty cells or adipocytes . These fibers harden and trap fat cells. Encrusted and painful, it is often the sign of skin aging . Fibrous cellulite is often associated with a lack of exercise and a drop in muscle tone.
  • Aqueous cellulite reflects a retention of water and toxins in the subcutaneous tissue. Associated with poor lymphatic and venous circulation , it is characterized by soft and swollen skin.

The determination of the type of cellulite conditions the therapeutic attitude.

Areas of the body affected by cellulite

Cellulite lodges in areas where the fatty deposit is more likely to spread:

  • the buttocks
  • Thighs
  • The belly
  • The abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • The upper arms

In addition, cellulite can be painful and create inflammation in the affected areas. The adipocytes take up too much space in the connective tissue and cause disorders of the blood and lymphatic circulation. Affected patients report a feeling of heaviness.

The causes of cellulite

If cellulite is often the consequence of several concomitant factors, hormonal variations mean that the vast majority of women have cellulite from the end of puberty , even when the weight is completely balanced.

Cellulite also depends on an anatomical phenomenon that is specific to women. The partitions of the fibroblasts which retain the fat cells are vertical. In case of fatty deposits, they are more willing to extend and mark the skin.

Being overweight (therefore the accumulation of adipocytes) is mainly responsible for cellulite. A sedentary lifestyle is generally associated with weight concerns, all of which promotes the appearance of dimples.

What are the solutions to combat the orange peel effect at Skin Marceau?

Prevention is essential to prevent the appearance of cellulite . Balanced food hygiene and regular exercise are part of the recommended routine.

Faced with already established cellulite, we equipped ourselves in Paris with the latest technological innovation: the Velashape III , a device approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a painless method that does not require any social eviction. All skin types and phototypes are eligible for Velashape III treatment .

This latest generation device has a unique alliance of several complementary actions:

  • Bipolar radiofrequency heat melts fatty deposits
  • Infrared light stimulates the renewal of collagen fibers
  • The massage performed by the mechanical rollers drains the skin and smoothes the cellulite
  • The suction system improves lymphatic and blood circulation

Velashape III sculpts the silhouette and firms the skin tissue. It also acts on sagging skin to tighten the skin.

The results after a cellulite treatment at Skin Marceau

Velashape III achieves excellent results for long-term cellulite treatment. To ensure lasting effects, adopting a healthy lifestyle is highly recommended.

The combination of heat and massage helps stimulate fat cell metabolism and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The skin regains a smooth texture and a firmer appearance. The silhouette seems slimmer and the curves are drawn again.

3 to 5 sessions are generally recommended for optimal results. The protocol is determined according to your wishes and the condition of your skin.