Hair removal for dull and dark skins

Laser hair removal is now an effective and permanent alternative to traditional hair removal methods. If all skin phototypes are currently eligible, the types of laser used differ according to skin color .

Matte and dark skin, in our female and male patients, can now benefit from the advantages of permanent hair removal, in complete safety.

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Epilation peaux mates et foncées à Paris | Epilation définitive peau mate | Clinique Skin Marceau

What is special about matte and dark skin for laser hair removal?

Our skin color depends on its melanin concentration : the more melanin there is, the darker the skin will be. The Fitzpatrick classification made it possible to determine 6 different phototypes according to their reaction to sun exposure. For phototypes 4 ( dark skin ), 5 (dark skin) and 6 ( very dark or black skin ), the hairs are usually very dark and will capture the laser beam which targets the melanin.

When the skin is dark and its melanin concentration is therefore high, it becomes difficult to differentiate between the pigmentation of the skin and that of the hair. If the laser wavelength is not adapted to the skin tone, there is a risk of burns and skin damage.

The Alexandrite laser has a single wavelength of 755nm and risks confusing the melanin of the skin with that of the hair. This is why this type of laser is used for the permanent hair removal of fair skin. Laser hair removal for dull and dark skin uses the Nd:Yag laser , whose wavelength of 1064 nm is able to act in depth on the nourishing structures of the hair bulb.

What are the contraindications of laser hair removal for matte and dark skin?

Your dermatologist ensures that there are no contraindications to laser hair removal .

  • Any recent exposure to the sun should be reported to the doctor and it is recommended to wait until you regain your usual complexion.
  • Tattooed skin contraindicates laser hair removal, the tattoo pigments may be damaged. It is best to resort to laser hair removal before getting a tattoo .
  • Any condition or injury to the area to be depilated must be treated beforehand.
  • Pregnancy and/or breastfeeding should delay permanent hair removal.
  • Certain medications are likely to contraindicate laser hair removal ( photosensitizing drugs for example). We emphasize the importance of providing us with all of your medical and surgical history so that we can advise you as best we can.

What are the precautions to take before laser hair removal for dull and dark skin?

Before your permanent hair removal session, do not expose yourself to the sun. The day before your session, we ask you to shave the area to be treated.

How does a permanent laser hair removal session for dull and dark skin take place at Skin Marceau?

Clinique Skin Marceau’s technical platform has the Lutronic Clarity II laser. This innovation in aesthetic medicine has two wavelengths and thus makes it possible to treat all skin phototypes. Phototypes 4, 5 and 6 can finally enjoy the results of permanent hair removal without any risk of burns or lesions.

At Skin Marceau and because laser hair removal is a medical act, it is a dermatologist who adapts the parameters of the laser to your skin phototype. Throughout your session, his physical presence within the Clinic allows you to intervene at any time.

During Alexandrite laser hair removal, it is common to hear small clicks during the laser shots. This is not the case for Nd:Yag laser hair removal for dark skin . The pain scale being different depending on the patient, laser hair removal can be painful for some and simply unpleasant for others. We always apply an anesthetic cream before the session as well as a soothing cream afterwards. In addition, the Nd:Yag laser has a particularly efficient cooling system and ensures optimal comfort.

What are the results of permanent laser hair removal for dull and dark skin?

Dark hairs are eliminated gradually and permanently. Sessions are ideally spaced 6 weeks apart. As with fair skin, several sessions are necessary to obtain satisfactory results. Indeed, the laser only works on hairs in the regrowth phase , but the hair cycle can vary from one area to another.

Prices for laser hair removal for dull and dark skin at Skin Marceau

The prices for laser hair removal for dull and dark skin in Paris are available here .