Medical blepharoplasty: eyelid lift without surgery

Skin aging is a natural phenomenon that generally begins to manifest itself from the age of 30 . The skin of the face is particularly affected by this process and more specifically the periorbital area.

Medical blepharoplasty is one of the possible solutions for the management of aging eyelids .

At Clinique Skin Marceau , our dermatologists perform medical blepharoplasty using lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser.

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Eyelid aging: why do a medical blepharoplasty?

The periorbital area is characterized by thin skin, significant muscle strain and fat loss at this level. These peculiarities are at the origin of various consequences:

  • Upper eyelids become droopy
  • Dark circles deepen
  • Bags appear under the eyes
  • The lower eyelid droops
  • The tail of the eyebrow falls
  • Crow’s feet wrinkles settle in the corners of the eyes

All these signs of aging make the face look tired and aged. This is also one of the recurring reasons in aesthetic medicine consultation .

Difficulty applying eye makeup is also reported by some of our patients.

In addition, drooping eyelids are likely to affect vision by obstructing the field of vision.

What is medical blepharoplasty?

Medical blepharoplasty is a procedure that addresses the eyelids . This technique is currently gaining popularity since it is non-invasive and avoids the use of anesthesia. The goal of this medical treatment is to tighten the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, without surgery .

At Skin Marceau, we use the lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser . Unlike an ablative laser, the Co2 laser is not invasive with much lighter consequences. Indeed, the small perforations dug on the surface of the skin leave gaps of healthy skin. A thermal effect will lead to an intense and in-depth stimulation of the dermis, for an increased production of collagen and a noticeable tensor effect. Even more, the SmartStack functionality delivers a series of successive and rapid pulses at the same point of impact. It is designed to control with extreme precision the depth of the thermal action.

The CO2 laser can be used to treat the face, neck and décolleté.

Procedure of a medical blepharoplasty session at Clinique Skin Marceau

We verify with you your eligibility for medical treatment of the eyelids. Indeed, deep sagging skin is an indication for surgical blepharoplasty . Your first appointment and the complete examination of your face allows us to confirm the correct indication for CO2 laser blepharoplasty .

Any possible contraindication to laser treatment will be sought and eliminated. For example, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, an active skin infection in the area to be treated, a skin disease, coagulation disorders or even certain medications are contraindications to this treatment and justify a discussion with your doctor.

A medical blepharoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis , no hospitalization is necessary. An anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated and the laser handpiece is then passed over this level. A session usually lasts about thirty minutes.

The protocol varies according to each case and the number of sessions required is determined with your doctor. A month’s interval is generally observed between two sessions.

It is quite possible to combine injections of botulinum toxin in order to correct wrinkles in the periorbital area and thus obtain a truly global rejuvenation of the gaze.

The results of medical blepharoplasty: eyelid enhancement

A period of approximately several weeks (approximately 3 months) is necessary to begin to appreciate the optimal effects of medical blepharoplasty.

rejuvenated look is obtained, the bags under the eyes are reduced, the wrinkled appearance of the skin is corrected, the contours of the eyes are smoothed, the expressions are refreshed. The face is transformed.

Concerning the consequences of the gesture, some crusts and edemas appear during the days which follow the gesture. During this period, you should not wear make-up and it is essential to protect your skin with a sunscreen of the appropriate index.

Medical blepharoplasty 1

Male patient with loose skin around his lower eyelids underwent CO2 fractional laser treatment to rejuvenate the eyes. The after photo is 3 months after a single treatment session.

Medical blepharoplasty 2

Female patient with loose skin around her upper and lower eyelids underwent CO2 fractional laser treatment to rejuvenate the eyes. The after photo is 3 months after a single treatment session.

Eyelid lift without surgery: prices at Skin Marceau

A lumenis ultrapulse alpha CO2 laser medical blepharoplasty session costs 300 euros. The second session costs 250 euros.

Upper or lower eyelids 400 € / session
4 eyelids 600 €