Russian lips: redesign your lips in the shape of a heart

A new method of injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips, Russian Lips is now one of the most frequently requested acts in aesthetic medicine . This technique aims to shape the lips into the shape of a heart , like that of a Russian doll .

It is a bespoke mouth embellishment that is popular all over the world.

At Clinique Skin Marceau , our dermatologists are trained in the Russian Lips technique .

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Why do lips lose volume?

Some people naturally have thin , even pursed lips. This has a significant impact on our female and male patients. Indeed, a mouth that lacks volume can give a severe air.

With age, the aging of the peri-oral zone accentuates the loss of volume of the lips which become very thin. The contours of the mouth lose definition, the cupid’s bow gradually disappears, the natural color of the lips tends to fade, the mouth becomes dehydrated. These natural modifications have consequences on the harmony of the face.

The lips sag and lose their naturally plump character . This is where a lip augmentation using the Russian Lips method is indicated.

What is Russian lips in aesthetic medicine?

In aesthetic medicine , the Russian Lips is an injection technique to increase the lips according to a Russian method. Injections of hyaluronic acid aim to redefine the lips in the shape of a heart .

This technique is particularly indicated for a first aesthetic gesture on the lips. If you have already made injections of hyaluronic acid in the lips , it is possible to have to wait for the absorption of the product before proceeding to a Russian Lips. This is important for optimal efficiency of the result. It is possible to use treatment with hyaluronidase , an enzyme with the ability to degrade hyaluronic acid. This solution makes it possible to correct overcorrections or bad product placements.

What are the benefits of Russian lips for luscious lips?

The Russian Lips technique allows you to benefit from all the advantages of hyaluronic acid : rehydrate weakened and dehydrated lips, smooth fine lines located above the upper lip or even rebalance the symmetry of the lips .

The specificity of this method is the increase not in the projection of the lips but in their height. This is a tailor-made correction that relies on the balance of the profile since the forehead and chin are carefully examined upstream. The lip is thus higher than voluminous, which gives a fuller appearance to your mouth, without surgery .

The length of the philtrum , the furrow between the nose and the upper lip, is shortened, creating ideal facial proportions. Indeed, the length of the philtrum influences the beauty of the mouth .

How does a Russian Lips session take place at Skin Marceau?

A first consultation with a dermatologist from our clinic precedes this treatment. Examining your face and mouth and listening to your expectations allows us to determine if the Russian Lips method is right for you. Some situations rather indicate the use of a surgical procedure, namely a Lip Lift .

If you have a medical and/or surgical history as well as taking medication (anticoagulants, aspirin, anti-inflammatories, etc.), we invite you to let us know. It should be noted that pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, an active autoimmune disease, the follow-up of a particular drug therapy, an infection or a skin disease as well as a known allergy represent contraindications to treatment with Russian Lips .

A Russian Lips treatment is performed on an outpatient basis at Clinique Skin Marceau in Paris. Micro-injections are performed around the contours of the mouth using small fine needles. The filler is injected vertically and worked from the base of the lips outwards. Particular attention to detail must be observed in order to obtain a natural and harmonious result.

This medical act can take up to an hour, unlike conventional injections of hyaluronic acid into the lips, which are faster. At Skin Marceau, we use Juvéderm VoliftⓇ injectables from Allergan laboratories , a world leader in medical aesthetics. Choosing the best products available on the market is at the heart of our expertise.

The aftermath of a lip treatment by Russian Lips

Some swelling and slight bruising may appear following the injections. These effects disappear after a few days and you will then be able to appreciate the optimal result of the treatment.

No social eviction is to be expected. We recommend that you apply a cold compress to your mouth and moisturize it intensely.

Smoking, applying makeup or exposing yourself to heat sources is prohibited during the first hours after treatment.

Expected results after a Russian Lips

Your mouth takes the shape of a heart, your lips are full, fleshy and well defined . The contours are accentuated, the cupid’s bow is highlighted. The result is natural and avoids the “ duck mouth ” appearance.

The effect of a Russian Lips is temporary, since hyaluronic acid is a molecule naturally absorbed by the body. The results generally last between 8 to 10 months, after which it will be necessary to renew the treatment.

You may need a touch-up two or three weeks after a lip augmentation with Russian Lips .

Prices of a Russian Lips at Skin Marceau

The cost of a syringe of hyaluronic acid to increase the volume of the lips is 450 euros. An additional syringe costs 300 euros.
The estimate therefore varies according to the number of syringes required.