Medical dermatology consultation

At Skin Marceau , a consultation is a special moment between each patient and their dermatologist. Respect for privacy and confidentiality are values ​​that are dear to us.

Our technical platform has been designed to respond to various issues, while ensuring your safety and comfort.

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Indications of medical dermatology

Each skin problem requires a dermatology consultation to determine the type of condition, its severity and the appropriate treatment.

The majority of skin disorders remain benign but they sometimes become bothersome and difficult to bear on a daily basis. Unsightly spots, itchy and sometimes painful pimples, and other marks on the skin can cause complexes and upset your confidence .

If you are over 35, any new mole should be checked. They are usually harmless, but in very rare cases they develop into melanoma (a type of skin cancer).

Why take care of your skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It constitutes an airtight barrier between the outside world and the other organs of our body. Our skin protects us from all exogenous factors, such as the sun or pollution .

She is not insensitive to our lifestyle . Tobacco, alcohol consumption, lack of healthy food and sleep, stress, everyday life alters your skin quality.

Its properties are still numerous. The skin helps you regulate your body temperature and supports your sense of touch . She is particularly sensitive. Taking care of it is essential.

How does a medical dermatology consultation at Skin Marceau take place?

Our team welcomes you to its clinic in the 16th arrondissement of Paris . You will be received by our secretaries who will take note of your arrival in order to inform the doctor. We make a point of honor and accuracy and punctuality , guarantee of quality service. In the event of a possible delay, we endeavor to notify you in advance.

A standard appointment can take up to 15 minutes , during which we will discuss your skin concerns. The first appointments are made only via Doctolib . A careful examination of your skin allows us to establish a tailor-made treatment protocol .

At Skin Marceau, we place the well-being of our patients at the center of our concerns. We want to take the time to discuss with you and respond to all your requests to reassure you.

Can I perform my treatment on the same day as my medical dermatology consultation?

Regarding medical dermatology treatments , an appointment via doctolib is necessary. A specialist assistant receives you during this first consultation.

Typically, treatment of warts , skin tags , seborrheic keratoses , removal of milium granules (1-5), certain small skin cancers, and complete skin checkups (skin cancer screening) can be undertaken during your consultation.

But if it is a dermatological surgery intervention , we will schedule a subsequent session and only your dermatologist is able to perform this act.

Medical acts such as permanent hair removal or laser treatment of skin conditions require several sessions at regular intervals to guarantee optimal results.

Should I come back for a second consultation?

Depending on your condition, you will be able to carry out your treatment at home with oral medication or the application of topical treatments , which do not require a new arrival. If your skin condition does not regress despite the medications administered, a second consultation will be required.

We strive to offer you the best care protocol during your initial appointment. Sometimes the first treatment plan is not suitable for your skin. Each skin problem is unique. Some medications, such as corticosteroids , are extremely effective, but they can have a significant impact on your body, overall health, and immune system .

Blood samples or tests are sometimes indicated before initiating treatment.

How much does a medical dermatology consultation at Skin Marceau cost?

In order to offer the highest level of service and quality to our patients, the doctors at Clinique Skin Marceau practice outside the conventional system, i.e. in sector 3. It should therefore be noted that the reimbursement of social security is minimal. : €1.22 for a specialist dermatologist.

Depending on the contract, mutuals can cover part of the excess fees.

The first medical dermatology consultation lasts about fifteen minutes and costs 150 € at Skin Marceau. All procedures, including skin biopsies, are at an additional cost. Some procedures can be undertaken during the initial consultation, while others will need to be reserved for a separate occasion. When surgery is necessary, we inform our patients of the cost to be expected at the time of booking.

A follow-up consultation is indicated at 150 €.